Attempts – first attempt


PAPER 1 -111.34 PAPER 2 -124.89

Mains and Interview marks-


Optional subject: CHEMISTRY

MAINS Total–740 + Interview–190=> Final–930

Rank –96 .

Daily routine for UPSC preparation

i was living in my home so whenever I used to feel low I used to talk to my mother and sometimes used to watch some useful/non-useful videos on youtube. Sometimes used to watch cartoons and some comedy series. One should know that it is not possible to study for 14 hours a day for 7 days a week. So one should make target accordingly. I used to take a gap after 4 5 days to relax. But one must adhere to the targets and must keep sufficient gap for relaxing.


vinay mittal was the chairman & approx 30-35 minutes

Chairman: come sit down. (I haven’t asked for may I come in and was standing near entrance itself so I quickly done may I come in and then good afternoon sir good afternoon mam). He again said sit down.
Me: thank you
Chairman: so what you are charchit. What it mean?
Me: famous.
Chairman: are you?
Me: a little.
Chairman: but you have very good cgpa, you might be very famous in college?
Me: yes sir. Thank you sir.
Chairman: what is this trip to Russia?(as I had visited Russia after securing good rank in olympaid)
Me: explained what I did and also answer 2 3 supplementary question.
Chairman: what is KVPY?( I also had this written in my daf. It is basically a scholarship)
Me: explained.
Chairman: so if there is a policy from center that will damage the local area will you implement it?
Me: I will find variable and modify it.
Ch: but you can’t?
Me: then I will prepare a presentation based on facts and present to my senior official with a plan b
Ch: if he dont listen?
Me: will go to next level but wont implement faulty policy
Ch: do you read current happenings?
Me: yes(had to say yes)
Ch: what is new economic policy by arvind subramaniam?
Me: no idea( actually I said it smiling showing that no one of my age could know it and since many people have told me that even if you give 10 wrong answer to chairman it won’t matter and mine was first no …so in my mind I was relaxed)
Chairman direct to member 1.
Mem-1: if a file is leaked in media declaring the policy is faulty will you use the media to bring pressure on senior?
Me: no sir I will use my own research and not some media ruomur.
Mem-1: you are from kota? Why coaching is famous in kota.
Me: prepared answer. First to come, brand value, resources developed.
Mem-1: is naxalism a problem? Do govt realized it is a problem? Why it persist?
Me: (answered like any other sane person would)
Mem-2: you are chemical eng. So tell me how drone work?
Me: didn’t know how they work so explained what are they. Didn’t remember whether he was satisfied or not.
Mem-2: clean ganga project
Me: explained
Mem-3: should there be more IIT?
Me: yes, new experiment with new branches, do combine research-interdisciplinary research, population increasing, attract researcher from outside and within India, focus on rural with new iit, (5-6 more fundae cant remember now, she said good after the answer)
Mem-3: you are from raj, women carry water on head, what is the solution?
Me- 3 ways to address, if infra missing give infra, if no water use water harvesting, if infra and water both there but water polluted clean it.
Mem-3: what are model of rain water harvesting?
Me: couldnot remb mam, but cm of rajasthan have launched new schemes to conserve water.(told 2 3 fundaes again a good)
Chairman said now mem 4 but mem 3 intrreupted and said one more question so chairman allowed her to ask one more but currently couldn’t remember.
Mem-4: teaching is your hobby so whom do you teach
Me: part of nss IIt-delhi teaching underprevilege and answered supplementary question.
2 3 more questions but I could not remember.
Ch: thankyou charchit you may go now.

Educational background

% in class 10 94.6
% in class 12 91.2
Graduation course and % 84.8 in chemical engineering
Name of college, city, passing out year IIT-Delhi, delhi,2015
Post-graduation None
Any other professional courses None
Hobbies & Extracurricular achievements Teaching, cooking

draw boundaries for syllabus. Like last year I knew I didn’t have time to read 2 newspaper yojana, kurkshetra, bipin Chandra etc etc. so I limited my source. Try to remember sources by heart that you want yourself to be confined to. Like if you want to read economics read from mrunal.org all videos but then don’t study from some coaching notes and again from some standard book. Restrict yourself according to time. Like wise if you want to study modern India read from spectrum, then don’t go for bipin Chandra also, ncert also.
Also search for videos, like when I used to study geography ncert I used to watch videos of things that I don’t understand by reading. Finally all will have different strategy find yours by knowing your strength and weakness

Special credits & thanks to Charchit Gaur



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