IASTODAY is back with most awaited MAINS ANSWER WRITING CONTEST for UPSC Civil service examination aspirants. Contest is in association with our INDIA'S FIRST EVER DAILY ANSWER WRITING SERIES WITH REVIEW-MASTER 2017.when ever you talks to a topper or read their strategies answer writing will be highlighted. So it must be part of UPSC life. Here we provides a platform where WRITING IS REWARDING too. What you need is just continue writing with IAS MASTER 2017 and draft answers to us daily as usual.

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What toppers say about

Agam JainAgam JainAIR 133 (2015)
Writing skill is the key to unlock UPSC MAINS from my experience.Getting answers reviewed is equally important & this MASTER initiative with daily answer review is applaudable as it helps a lot of aspirants.Im glad to be a part of it & I appreciate the dedication of team IASTODAY


Our experts will review your answers as usual & Best answers will be shortlisted by previous year toppers and winners will get prizes worth Rs. 55,000/- .Seems interesting right?


How to enroll?

Its absolutely free;Just 2 steps to join contest;

STEP 1 fill details below



Enter your email address and verify it to confirm your identity & get our future updates free.


CLICK HERE FOR TODAYS Questions for Answer writing

^ Find todays question from above link & send answer to





Email ID: RAVISAN***@GMAIL.COM  Mobile : ****065999



EMAIL ID MOBILE NUMBER (last 5 digits)
Lillysu*** *****85698
Gopik*** *****58446
Yazerkh*** *****32514
tituspul*** *****12433
subhamth*** *****99049
manassing*** *****56893
Vijayre*** *****65888
Rajka*** *****00258
Jithuth*** *****69322
abhila*** *****77950
Sweetba*** *****89433
Muhapat*** *****56979
Yunishma*** *****85477
ujalajo*** *****98541
Jayantam*** *****36551



Email ID Mobile number
Freddyk*** *****99464
andruyaf*** *****25259
Muhammedg*** *****36370
Dintresa*** *****95263
ravibhay*** *****81291


swetapadma.l*** *****56812
ankushmishr*** *****11292
aayu.ku*** *****83531
nagendra*** *****71201
dharshu13*** NOT CONFIRMED YET
mahesh4*** ****57212
nakuldeshmuk*** NOT CONFIRMED YET
muku*** *****27727
jithinp*** *****20790
yuni*** *****86708
manukuma*** *****17732
svivek.viv*** *****90061




>>Top Answers & short listed users-DAY 15 Answer writing contest<<

>>Top Answers & short listed users-DAY 14 Answer writing contest<<

>>Top Answers & short listed users-DAY 13 Answer writing contest<<

>>Top Answers & short listed users-DAY 12 Answer writing contest<<

>>Top Answers & short listed users-DAY 11 Answer writing contest<<

>>Top Answers & short listed users-DAY 10 Answer writing contest<<

>>Top Answers & short listed users-DAY 9 Answer writing contest<<

>>Top Answers & short listed users-DAY 8 Answer writing contest<<

>>Top Answers & short listed users-DAY 7 Answer writing contest<<

>>Top Answers & short listed users-DAY 6 Answer writing contest<<

>>Top Answers & short listed users-DAY 5 Answer writing contest<<

>>Top Answers & short listed users-DAY 4 Answer writing contest<<

>>Top Answers & short listed users-DAY 3 Answer writing contest<<

>>Top Answers & short listed users-DAY 2 Answer writing contest<<

>>Top Answers & short listed users-DAY 1 Answer writing contest<<


This contest is from 27 MARCH 2017 to APRIL 15 2017

  1. CLICK here for todays questions to write answers for contest
  2. Just draft answers daily as usual free to
  3. Best 8 answers will be selected daily basis.
    Nb: Normal contest entries won't be reviewed;Mention in mail to get review.
  4. Aspirant who write more number of selected answer will be awarded with Rs.10,000.
  5. All winners needs PAN to claim prizes.
  6. 15 users will get Rs.1000 Cash Prize.
  7. 15 Visitors will get Rs.1000 Discount on our services.
  8. 5 remarkable users will be provided free entry to our MASTER PRO MAINS Series.


UPSC answer writing contest RULES & DIRECTIONS

For entries for contest only Subject must be : Contest_ Date

For answers to review only ,Subject must be : Review_date

For submitting for both review & contest Use subject Review_date & mention to add in contest in same mail.


Try to make answers creative not copied.

(i). Written Answers should be readable & in PDF format.

(ii). Typed answer can be PDF ,doc or docx.

(iii). Words must be between 190 to 210.
     Nb: If you wish to submit 5 answers a day (send as 5 separate files in same mail).

2. Submissions.

(i). visitors Mail at

(ii). Subject must be contest _Date .
Eg: Contest_27 March 2017

(iii). Question should be clearly mentioned before answers.

3.Short listed answers will be uploaded in same page with Questions.

4.User must Confirm in 24 hours if your answer is short listed.

5. Winners must have PAN for claiming answer writing contest prizes.

6.In case of any dispute, the decision of IASTODAY will be final.

7. Prizes will be delivered in same month of announcing winners officially here.




More you write more will be chance to win.

1 Top answer writer – 10,000

5 Users every week (total 15 users,1,000 each) – Rs.15,000/-

15 visitors get Rs.1000 discount on all our subscriptions (Rs.15000)/-

5 visitors who perform remarkably will get free entry to MASTER PRO

Some frequently asked questions

I used to follow MASTER series daily & drafts answers. Will I be eligible ?

Sure,But Contest answers needs some conditions like individual files for each answer & subject of mail as Contest_Date...etc. Still the answers are same;Change is in format.

Im a pro MASTER user,Do i have any advantage over visitors?

Yes,You can upload answers in dashboard itself. Also there won't be any limits in daily answer submission.Also you can appeal if you feels your answer is better than shortlisted, to get detailed comparison.Above all you get Cash prize where visitors gets discount for subscription.

I won Weekly prize. Am I Eligible for Top writer prize?

Sure,Weekly winners have more probability of winning.

I hadn't won weekly.But my answer is selected as best daily answer.Will I be topper?

Definitely , Daily winners are also entitled with chances as the user who writes most daily top answer will be the ultimate winner.

I feels that my answer is better than selected answer.What can i do?

just mail us with subject Appeal_date attaching the answer. Our team will explain the drawbacks & why its not in list. Its valid for PRO users.

Im a new visitor. Can i enter to contest?

All are allowed to enter into contest. What you need is write answers daily to questions we update daily and send to in mentioned format.

Can I send Multiple answers for same question to increase chance of winning?

Sorry, you can't .Users are supposed to send single answer for a question. But can send answers to all questions.

I came late;many users already won.Can I start now?

Sure,you can start writing even in the last day of our contest ie, April 15. More you write more would be chances to win.

For any query ,Suggestion or sponsoring prizes..Shoot a mail at or contact us here

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  • Ajay Melhotra

    Oh my god..Great job.
    Free review with rewards too..Best ever web portal.
    I consider this as my role model.

  • Elsa Mathew

    I used to follow regularly for answer review & now prizes for us!!!
    I went through several websites in past & dont get support or proper replies.Im really happy with Moreover the concept of “writing is rewarding” is divine.
    God bless you for this inspiring initiatives to motivate us to write more

  • Giridhar garg

    Terribly awesome team IASTODAY..Im a big big fan of yours.
    Day by day your are going beyond limits..
    PIB monthly, daily quiz with explanations ,prelims test series, master pro… Hats off

  • Subair Ramamoorthy

    Sir I usually writes & drafts full answers daily.
    Shall i change subject for new answers from tomorrow onwards.

    Anyway Its best ever in internet

  • treesa jacob

    Unimaginably great.
    Is agam jain sir choosing winners?

  • suraj modi

    Im a regular follower.
    Will surely try daily..
    It not only improvise my skill but also pocket money

  • Ramya Nambuthiri

    applaudable really i mean it

  • Freddy george

    Im from a poor family and i followed answer writing series with review religiously.
    It helped me a lot

  • Unni mukulesh

    Sir will it satrt tomorrow ? i mean 27 march 2017
    Im really interested.the answers that i send regularly is enough?

    • As mentioned, Contest start from March 27.
      Answers for contest should satisfy conditions mentioned above.

  • Sudarmini yadav

    All the team are doing so great.
    I will remember you daily in my prayers.
    Long live

  • Uday kumar

    Advertisement free education, free review ,now big contest.
    How do you manage all these free?
    I adore you guys

  • Sunil gerome

    I wandered so long in many websites & i regret for the delay caused in reaching you..
    No doubt this is best.
    This is my third attempt.. now i have a hope of success

  • Manoj Mohar

    Loved really motivates to write a lot.

  • Arun Kumar

    First time Im seeing answer review series & now come up with Contest with Half LAKHS!!!
    Made me a fan instantly

  • Dileep S kartha

    Superb job. Its really interesting.

  • Om prakash

    Really impressive daily updates at 8 Am is really great.
    Im working and it really helps me a lot

  • AAthira Gopan

    will the Top writer & weekly winner will be same or can i have a chance even if i hadn’t won any week?

    • Top writer is not necessarily be the winner of every week.
      We short list 8 answers daily.The user who comes most in this daily list will be Top writer.


  • srinath

    Struggling with adds

    • Dear user, we provide advertisement free education!!
      Where did you found advertisement?

  • Ramesh singh

    Loved it submitted my 2 entries..
    Great .

  • Preethy Suman

    Great concepts of advertisement free education, Free review now Contest worth 55K!!!
    God bless you ol

  • Renjith mahesh

    Double thumbs up

  • Nagendra Babu

    It’s great that my answers for the past few days are getting reviewed. Now my answers for Day-1(3rd Q) and Day-2(1 Q) were selected. Really great work. Thanks a lot!!!

  • Swetapadma Mohapatra

    its great to see my name published on 27th and 28th march initiative that runs free of cost and yet provides so much.totally amazed by the good work going.

  • Madhukar kumar

    Thanks Team for the wonderful initiative. Glad to find my answer shortlisted for Q1. on 27th March 2017

  • Reeba Elsa

    Extremely awesome.
    My full hearted regards..Really great to see this dedicated service

  • Jack Robert

    team IASTODAY.. im a happy pro user.
    No words to thank you for this great initiatives.

  • Remya S

    LOL,I loved it

  • treesa raj

    Prizes worth 55K without any entry fee..
    Unimaginably awesome.

  • Nagendra Babu

    My answer for 1st question of Day-3 was selected. Really motivating. Thanks IAStoday for such innovative initiatives. :->

  • Swetapadma Mohapatra

    happy to be a part of this creative answer for 29th march GS-2 got selected.glad to see this

  • Aayush Kumar

    Dear sir,
    Confirming selection of answer for Day 3 reg. Finance Bill.

  • Aayush Kumar

    Dear sir, Confirming shortlisting of answer for Q2. Related to Finance Bill On 29.03.2017.

  • Nagendra Babu

    Wow! My answers are selected. Thanks IAStoday. It a tons of motivation for me!

  • Nagendra Babu

    For Day-4

  • Swetapadma Mohapatra

    thanks for selecting my answer on 30.03.17 inGS-3.loads of good wishes .Team IASTODAY.

  • Geethu Babu

    Thanks IAStoday for selecting my answers for question 4 on 31st March and question 2 for 1st April 2017. Feeling so happy and motivated

  • Harmila Singhal


  • Nagendra Babu

    My answer for Q1 of Day-5 was selected.

  • Madhukar kumar

    Thanks for your effort team. My answer has been selected for Q1 & Q2 on 31st March 2017 & Q1 on 1st April 2017.

  • Geethu Babu

    Thanks for selecting my answer for question 4 on April 2,2017 (day 7) . Thanks for the valuable review tooo…

  • Madhukar kumar

    Thanks Team. This is to confirm that my answer has been selected for Q.2 on Day 8

  • Sindrala fernandus

    No words to thank team IASTODAY. I can feel the change after joining hands with IASTODAY. The most happy moment is to see my answer shortlisted yesterday

  • Surabhi Ramamoorthi

    Im really grateful to you.. I strongly believe that i miised last mains because of the lack of proper review.
    Now my confidence level is increasing day by day with iastoday reviews. Now you reward us back..
    Its divine

  • Nranjana pothuval

    I can’t believe this moment to see my answer shortlisted in TOP ANSWER..
    Feels like being in UPSC final list. You cant imagine the boost Im getting from this..
    Thanks a ton

  • Tintu Manual

    Extremly great team IAStoday. Every institutes are charging over 25 thousand for mains series and seldom provides answer review. you team provides free & rewarding us too..
    Reviews are really motivating me a lot

  • Swetapadma Mohapatra

    My answer got shortlisted in 3rd april,2017 in GS-2.Loads of good wishes to team iastoday for their beautiful work.

  • suryatrishool

    Sir my answer selected for day 7 (qn2) and day8 (qn4) ..It’s a great initiative sir and it’s helping a lot:)

  • Geethu Babu

    Thanks IAStoday for selecting my answers for question 1 on days 9 and 10. This initiative is of immense help for me. 🙂

  • Taniya rodrigus

    Team iastoday,
    This is divine to payback us for our answers.
    Everyone is charging over 30 thousands for answer review.
    Im proud to say my answer is shortlisted.

  • Madhukar kumar

    Thanks for the wonderful initiative team. My answer has been selected for Q.3 on Day 9 and Q.2 on Day 10

  • Madhukar kumar

    Thanks Team.My answer has been selected for Q.3 on Day 11 and Q.1 on Day 12

  • Swetapadma Mohapatra

    amazing work for all aspirants by IASTODAY.MY ANSWER FOR DAY11,april 6th gs-3 and gs-4 shortlisted.

  • Swetapadma Mohapatra

    my answer for day 12 i.e 7th april 2017 got shortlisted along with for day 13 that is 8th april gs-2.loads of good wishes.

  • Yunus Khan

    Im seeing a big contest like this for the first time.
    Winners are being chosen daily ..
    I adore the transparency..
    My answer is selected.
    Thank you

  • Madhukar kumar

    This is to confirm that my answer has been selected for Q.3 on Day13

  • lania gouda

    i can feel the change after joining master series.
    Really motivating & improvisation.
    I can feel the dedication & hard work behind this to make these happens.

  • Santhosh

    Excellent job team.
    First time Im seeing this extremely dedicated series to manage requirements on daily basis.
    More over you guys are keeping the 60 minutes promise.
    Im getting my answers reviewed in 20-30 minutes.
    Really worth praising.

  • Imran hausar

    Jaw dropping series.
    My 3 answers got selected in these 15 days. I cant express my happiness & kick it gives to me as a user trying to develop writing skill.
    Selection process is really transparent & clearly explains why when i raised appeal twice.

    Great work & my hearty prayers for all behind this

  • Suren

    Please list out the prize winners this contest(Mar27-Apr15). This listing will motivate other aspirants and increases credibility for your site.You are providing very nice initiatives(Capsules, 4 Q’s) which are having UPSC-relevance.

    • Dear visitor,
      First of all use genuine email & name while commenting.
      Winners list & details are already updated on time.. Please refer list above before making arguments.

  • Gopika suman

    Great job team IASTODAY.
    Really praiseworthy not to share my mobile number publicly.
    Hats of to your service

    • Dear user,
      thanks for the nice words
      We value your privacy. Keep visiting.

  • Ravi Bhayya

    Unbelievably awesome to see that I got free entry to MASTER PRO.
    You are motivating me a lot.
    I recommended to all my friends.

  • Amar elias

    Winners list is motivating me a lot to participate more..
    Im following iastoday regularly

  • mahesh meena

    You are doing amazing job .
    i want to ask one thing . why showing user not confirmed .
    i have sent you my detail on same day when i got selected for 1000 rupees .
    still you are showing not confirmed why ???

    • Dear user,
      Its updated now.Your response may be after the list update.
      Hope everything fine now.


  • Nagendra Babu

    Sir, I sent details. But, still showing not confirmed. What to do?

    • Dear Nagendra,
      It may be after this update. We will look into it seriously.
      In the mean while do forward that again for faster response.


  • Ravi Bhayya

    Thanks a ton team IASTODAY for giving me free entry.
    Im really grateful to you.
    Will remember in my prayers.

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