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Current_affairs_Quiz-Daily Daily Current affairs are most important in competitive exams and General knowledge in UPSC point of view is much more important.We provides General knowledge on daily basis which are relevant to Most toughest IAS exams.Here you will get the important current affairs related to UPSC syllabus which is crisp of several Newspapers & governmental websites.Don’t waste time in wandering through lots of general knowledge websites as everything is provided here.You can subscribe exam wise daily packages below for Bank test(IBPS),Public Service commission(PSC),Staff Selection Commission(SSC) and lot more..So bookmark now & keep visiting here for daily updates.

January 2017 Full Links below Below>>>

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Pdf]GK and current affairs-January 10 2017

January 10 Secure synopsis Answer challenge [Points compilation]

January 10 Daily Quiz [Answrs with explanation]

(Pdf) GK and current affairs-January 9 2017

JANUARY 9 Secure Synopsis ANSWER CHALLENGE[Compilation]

January 9 Daily Quiz [Answrs with explanation]

(Pdf) GK and current affairs-January 8 2017

JANUARY 8 Secure Synopsis ANSWER CHALLENGE[Compilation]

January 8 Daily Quiz [Answrs with explanation]

GK and current affairs-January 7 2017

JANUARY 7 Secure Synopsis ANSWER CHALLENGE[Compilation]

January 7 Daily Quiz [Answrs with explanation]

GK and current affairs-January 6 2017

JANUARY 6 Secure Synopsis ANSWER CHALLENGE[Compilation]

January 6 Daily Quiz [Answrs with explanation]

GK and current affairs-January 5 2017

JANUARY 5 Secure Synopsis ANSWER CHALLENGE[Compilation]

January 5 Daily Quiz [Answrs with explanation]

GK and current affairs-January 4 2017

JANUARY 4 Secure Synopsis ANSWER CHALLENGE[Compilation]

January 4 Daily Quiz [Answrs with explanation]

GK and current affairs-January 3 2017

JANUARY 3 Secure Synopsis ANSWER CHALLENGE[Compilation]

January 3 Daily Quiz [Answrs with explanation]

GK and current affairs-January 2 2017

JANUARY 2 Secure Synopsis ANSWER CHALLENGE[Compilation]

January 2 Daily Quiz [Answrs with explanation]

GK and current affairs-January 1 2017

[pdf]Important events in January 1 in history

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Q: Consider the following statements about All India Ease of Doing business;

1) Andra Pradesh & telangana jointly topped in list.
2) World bank & Human Resource development department involved in reviewing the evidences submitted by states/UTs.
3) Ranking is based on number of new industries launched in an year.

Choose the correct statement/s

a) 1 is correct
b) 1&2 are correct
c) All of the above
d) None of the above

Correct answer is a …Its issued by world bank & centre’s department of Industrial policy and Promotion (DIPP) …Ranking is based on 340-point business reform action & their implementation by states …Last year topper gujarat slipped to the third spot …Period covered is July1,2015 to june 30,2015

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December 2016 Full links archieve below>>>

Gk & current affairs:- December 31 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 30 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 29 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 28 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 27 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 26 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 25 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 24 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 23 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 22 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 21 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 20 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 19 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 18 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 17 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 16 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 15 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 14 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 13 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 12 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 11 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 10 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 9 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 8 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 7 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 6 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 5 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 4 2016

Gk & current affairs:- December 3 2016


November Daily Quiz is defaulted to November1 to encourage Daily visitors.

Gk & current affairs:- November 1 2016


October Daily Quiz is defaulted to October 1 to encourage Daily visitors.

 Current affairs & GK:- October 31 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 30 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 29 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 28 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 27 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 26 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 25 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 24 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 23 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 22 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 21 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 20 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 19 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 18 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 17 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 16 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 15 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 14 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 13 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 12 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 11 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 10 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 9 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 8 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 7 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 6 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 5 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 4 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 3 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 2 2016

 Current affairs & GK:- October 1 2016

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[10 Best books]IAS preparation study materials- Toppers Most recommended

[10 Best books]IAS preparation study materials- Toppers Most recommended

General Studies, Prelims UPSC

 IAS preparation study materials- Toppers Most recommended Best books IAS preparation study material Best books.As per the overwhelming requests from our users we are providing assistance to IAS,IPS,IFS aspirants a special section to Crack the toughest exam in India.We are sharing our experience in this field for new IAS aspirants trying to grab this elite job.The most important thing you need to understand first is that the vacancy is very limited every year.Out of around 12 lakh registering;Only around 1000 enters into service & only 100 to IAS;So here comes the seriousness of UPSC examination Best & Most recommended IAS study material.Also never think that you cannot succeed with out Coaching which are costly.You can do it yourself with proper reference & books.There are lot many books in market for preparation but most of them are simply useless in exam point of view.So,wise decision is vital in cracking this;Here we sorted out Best & Most recommended IAS study material & important books recommended by toppers to refer for UPSC Civil Service examination.



Best IAS Books For UPSC Prelims 

(Click on the links to buy online with special discounts)

1.>>>Indian Polity By Lakshmi Kanth >Click here<<<<

Special offer:-Rs.400 off for all users from IAS Today

GET AT JUST Rs.245/-
Click here to buy from Flipkart at offer price
Published in the year 2013, Indian Polity For Civil Services Examinations is a book that provides the readers with insight into important topics that need to be understood by students to clear the civil services examination.

Summary Of The Book

Indian Polity For Civil Services Examinations has been designed to meet the requirements of students preparing for civil service examinations. This book covers the entire syllabus, which civil service aspirants need to understand.

This book has been divided into 11 parts, which include Constitutional Framework, Central Government, System of Government, State Government, Constitutional Bodies, Union Territories And Special Areas, Local Government, Non-Constitutional Bodies, Other Constitutional Dimensions, Political Dynamics, and Working of the Constitution.

Best & Most recommended IAS study material

(Alternate link if not available above^)

2.>>> MODEREN INDIA click here<<<

MRP :Rs.485/-
Special offer:- Rs.156 off for all users from IAS Today

Best & Most recommended IAS study material

(alternate link for cash on delivery)

Bipin chandra’s modern india is a reader friendly edition & gets clear Idea of india after independence. 

Published in the year 2009, History Of Modern India is a book that revolves around the history of British India, throwing light on the nationalist movement and colonialism.

Summary Of The Book

History Of Modern India is a book that is written by renowned historian, Bipan Chandra. The contents of this book are a result of Chandra’s research on the subjects of colonialism and nationalism in the country. Apart from his research, Chandra has also drawn from the works of renowned historians during that time in history.

In total, there are 14 chapters in this book that cover different periods in Indian history. Some of the chapters in this book include Indian States And Society In The Eighteenth Century, Religious And Social Reform After 1858, The Struggle For Sawaraj, The Nationalist Movement, European Penetration And The British Conquest, Social And Cultural Awakening In The First Half Of The Nineteenth Century, The Decline Of The Mughal Empire, and The Revolt Of 1857. Some other chapters include The Nationalist Movement: 1858-1905, Administrative Changes After 1858, and Administrative Organisation And Society And Cultural Policy.

3.>>>INDIAN ECONOMY Click here<<<

MRP :Rs.665/-
Special offer:- Rs.337 off for all users from IAS Today

Best & Most recommended IAS study material

(Alternate link for cash on delivery)

Best in this class by Ramesh singh which is most recommended & valuble to exam point of view

Indian Economy is a comprehensive text, with detailed coverage of all topics in the UPSC Preliminary and Main syllabus. Written by a subject expert who has several books on economics, contemporary essays etc. to his credit, the book is of immense importance to academics, researchers, aspirants of civil services examinations and those with an abiding passion for the subject. The book is recommended by UPSC in its reading list. The book is a stellar product, with many years of bestselling performance.
Indian Economy for Civil Services Examination is a comprehensive book for candidates preparing for the Civil Services Examination. The book comprises of chapters on progress and growth, evolution of Indian economy, economic planning, planning in India, economic reforms, inflation, business cycles, Indian agriculture, and Indian capital market. In addition, the book consists of several model papers for thorough revision and final practice. This book is essential for students aspiring to work for the Union Public Service Commission of India.


MRP :Rs.450/-
Special offer:- Rs.192 off for all users from IAS Today

Best & Most recommended IAS study material

(Alternate link for Cash on Delivery)

 This is yet another most recommended book by Bipin chandra
India’s Struggle For Independence presents a detailed outlook on the struggle for Indian Independence in a new analytical framework.

Summary Of The Book

Designed for ardent history enthusiasts, India’s Struggle For Independence is one of the most exhaustive and precise account of the struggle of Indian Independence ever written in the literary world. Written and edited by five expert authors, it presents a detailed outlook on one of the most important periods in Indian history.

The facts and details provided in this book have been gathered from oral and written sources, and various other primary sources have been used along with years of intense research. Written with a very concise approach, it is a one of a kind book that details the intricacies of the Indian Independence struggle.

The struggle for Indian Independence took a long time and was something that affected the whole country. Every state in the country boasted of some kind of revolt – minor or major during this period. Numerous revolutionaries throughout the country came together in their efforts to fight against the British rule and set their country free. Few of the chapters in the book are The Fight to Secure Press Freedom, Foundation of the Congress: The Myth, World War I and Indian Nationalism: The Ghadar, An Economic Critique of Colonialism, Peasant Movements and Uprisings after 1857, The Non-Cooperation Movement—1920-1922, The Gathering Storm-1927-1929, Civil Rebellions and Tribal Uprisings, and many more.

5.>>>Indian Art & culture <<<

MRP :Rs.425/-
Special offer:- Rs.205 off for all users from IAS Today

Best & Most recommended IAS study material

(Alternate link for cash on delivery) 

Nithin singla provides an overall detailed coverage over indian art & culture 

  • Nitin Singhania holds a bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Economics from Presidency college, Kolkata. He is a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary also. He worked in Coal India Ltd. Before joining the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) in 2013 in West Bengal Cadre. He has deep interest in Indian art and culture and is known for guiding students in this area. Presently he is posted as Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. Earlier, he has worked as Assistant Collector in Burdwan, West Bengal.

6.>Certified physical & human geography CLICK HERE<

MRP :Rs.325/-
Special offer:- Rs.147 off for all users from IAS Today

(alternate link for COD)

Best & Most recommended IAS study material for Geography

by Goh Cheng Leong is the best in this category as per the exam point of view
Certificate Physical And Human Geography covers various geographical concepts that are essential for a good understanding of the subject. This book is a good choice for preparing for competitive exams like CSAT.

Summary Of The Book

Certificate Physical And Human Geography provides coverage of fundamental concepts regarding the earth’s topology, the weather and climate, the different climatic regions, and vegetation across the planet. The book is divided into two parts, Physical Geography, and Weather, Climate and Vegetation. Physical Geography covers the various landforms and coastal regions. The second part covers climate and weather related concepts. Physical Geography begins by examining The Earth and its place in the Universe. It then goes on to explore the Earth’s Crust. Then the book looks at the effects that various natural forces have on the Earth’s surface. The book covers natural phenomena like Volcanoes and Earthquakes. It discusses the Weathering Process, Mass Movement, and Groundwater. It proceeds on to cover different landforms and the forces that shaped them. It looks at Desert Landforms, Landforms Made By Running Water, Limestone and Chalk Landforms, and Landforms of Glaciation. It also examines Coastal Landforms, The Oceans, Lakes, Islands and Coral Reefs.

The Weather, Climate and Vegetation section covers the concepts of Climate and Weather. It then focuses on different weather conditions and climate zones. It discusses the Hot, Wet Equatorial Climate. It also covers the Tropical Monsoon and Tropical Marine Climates. It looks at desert regions like the Hot Desert and Mid-Latitude Desert Climates. It also focuses on The Savanna or Sudan Climate, The Temperate Continental (Steppe) Climate, and The Mediterranean or Warm Temperate Western Margin Climate. Certificate Physical And Human Geography then covers cool climate zones. It discusses the Siberian or Cool Temperate Continental Climate, The Chinese type of climate or Warm Temperate Eastern Margin Climate. The book then focuses on the Laurentian or The Cool Temperate Eastern Margin Climate, the British or Cool Temperate Western Margin Climate and The Arctic or Polar Climate.

7. Current affairs-YEAR BOOK >CLICK HERE<

MRP :Rs.300/-
Special offer:- Rs.92 off for all users from IAS Today
Best & Most recommended IAS study material

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 Since the pattern of exam is current affairs oriented ;Its mandatory
Manorama Yearbook is celebrating its 50thyear of publication. The largest-selling General Knowledge Compendium is one of the most comprehensive books used by students, teachers, researchers, media persons, planners, lay-people alike, covers a wide-spectrum of topics from Science, Medicine, Environment, IT, Literature, Entertainment, History, Geography, Polity, Ethics, Social Justice, International Relations, Current Affairs and Sports. The 1040 page Manorama Yearbook is a treasure trove of information and statistics which is much sought-after by students preparing for various competitive exams ranging from Civil Services, Banks, Railways, UPSC and PSC exams across the country.

With the 50th Anniversary Edition we have a Free Britannica Encyclopedia, a set of 7 Ebooks, each featuring 100 influential personalities. It also covers the features articles by eminent people such as APJ Kalam, Shashi Tharoor, Jayant V Narlikar, Nirupama Rao, Kiran Bedi and many others. Besides, a 1000 Quiz Bonanza on 50 varied topics to thrill Quizzers, the world over!!!


MRP :Rs.595/-
Special offer:- Rs.198 off for all users from IAS Today
(alternate link for Cash on delivery)

 Geography is an important section of UPSC examination and This is best among geography coverage.
Geography of India by Majid Husain is a well-established manual on the subject and is on its way to becoming a bestseller in this segment. It is now a widely read reference book that deals with the relevant features and topics of India’s geographical landscape in a systematic, comprehensive manner. It is also being increasingly referred to by graduates and postgraduates of the subject and also by researchers and academicians.


9.The Wonder that was india-CULTURE >CLICK HERE <

MRP :Rs.599/-
Special offer:- Rs.314 off for all users from IAS Today

(Alternate link with cash on delivery)

Culture of india is clearly provided with comparison and capsules

This book, The Wonder That was India, was written in 1958 by a British historian A. L. Basham. It traces the history of India from the ancient times to just before the arrival of the Muslim invaders.
Summary Of The Book
Indian civilization is among the oldest in the world, and what is unique in that respect is that the culture of the peoples still remains largely unchanged, with a strong thread of continuity through the ages.
The Wonder That was India takes a look at the country’s history from the time of the Harappan or Indus Valley Civilization. It explores the possible causes for the decline of the Harappan civilization and settlements. The book talks about the possibility of the Harappans having moved towards the south and settled in the peninsular region.
The author also discusses the Aryan invasion theory, supporting it with various research papers and findings of that time. The evolution of Hindu religion is also talked about in this book—from the Harappan times, to the coming of the Aryans and the mutual influence that Hinduism and its off shoots Jainism and Buddhism had on each other.
This book is comprehensive in its coverage of Indian history. It looks at every aspect of Indian society and culture. The Wonder That was India covers everything from religion, governance, social evolution, literary traditions, philosophy languages, and science.


MRP :Rs.315/-
Special offer:- Rs.116 off for all users from IAS Today

(alternate link if product is out of stock)

Must have as its mandatory to have clear idea of patterns of india & world.

Oxford Student Atlas for India 3rd Edition is especially designed for those students answering their board exams for class 9 and 10. The Atlas is designed according to the syllabus of Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and is thus very useful for students coming under this board. The text is simple and clear. The Atlas also has a History section that gives the students a clear picture of the important events of History. the Civics section of the Atlas provides the student with a clear picture of certain aspects of the government. The book also has a CD with a test generator that the student can use for better practice.

About Oxford University Press

A department of the Oxford University, the Oxford University Press published its first book in 1586. Today it has its offices in over fifty countries over the world. The publishing house comes out with over 6000 new resources each year. The press has been publishing books for schools as well books for other academic purpose and general reference. It also produces dictionaries as well as other books on English language teaching. Some of the other dictionaries published by oxford include English English Marathi Dictionary, Hindi-English Dictionary and Color Oxford Dictionary to name a few.

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Above books must be read only after completely reading  NCERT textbooks:
Class VI to Class XII – Social Science – (Geography, Polity, History, Economics and Sociology – Class XI and XII)
Class VI to X Science – for non-Science students + Class XII Biology last 5 chapters


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Important Government Schemes and its Full forms

General Studies, Prelims UPSC

Government schemes explanationsHi IAS Today Aspirants,We got lot request to share Full forms or expansion of government schemes.Now a days government schemes are important for our exams and we are providing it for all in this page.Bookmark & stay in touch for updates.All the schemes are covered with full form relevant to UPSC 2017

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India’s Rank in global indexes – UPSC 2017

General Studies

india ranking in different indexesHi IAS Today aspirants,India’s Rank in different global indexes are We have sorted out all indexes where india’s is a part and status of india in different index.Recently its upcoming area of relevance for competative exams and needs actual following of updates.We had collected from all reliable sources.Feel free to add more in comment section..

India’s Rank in Major Global Indexes & Topper countries

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How to read Hindu Newspaper for IAS Exam

How to read Hindu Newspaper for IAS Exam

IAS EXAM, IAS toppers, Read Hindu, The Hindu Notes, UPSC exam, UPSC toppers
 How to read Hindu for ExamHow to read Hindu News paper is most frequently asked question to us while interacting with lakhs of aspirants. If you are from professional courses like engineering or even a doctor then this will be a night mare.Somebody told me Even 24 hours wont be enough to cover it properly.Ideally you are not supposed to take beyond 2 hours ie, 120 minutes.Some days it takes just 30-40 minutes where as some other consumes 80-100 minutes as content is the king.A person just started with UPSC preparation always finds it difficult and complains about spending too much time reading the newspapers. And it is a genuine concern because if one spends 4-5 hours for newspapers, then his/her concern is justified.Dont worry time consumption will surely come down gradually as you learn what to read & what to skip with experience.But by reading this you are getting a Head Start so that you can do it in few days as we are sharing from our experience.So read fully;Don’t skip as you read Hindu daily.