What are the benefits of IAS over IPS? Detailed analysis and comparison of advantages for UPSC civil service aspirants. If you choose IAS over IPS, you will get the following advantages in your life.


1: Faster Promotion

The IAS officers get the fastest promotion in India. A typical IAS officer gets 2-4 years of advantage in terms of promotion as compared to IPS. IPS officers also get lower salary for the same rank (upto IG rank) after the first Time Scale (on fourth year of service).

2: Variety of Job

An IAS officer can be posted virtually in any department and government organisation while IPS officers can be posted only in police department. Thus you don’t get as much variety of jobs in IPS as in IAS.

3: Social Prestige

An IAS officer has higher social recognition than an IPS office in corresponding position. A DM is the first citizen of the District and he is considered superior to an SP. A DM can be several batch junior to the SP and yet he has more say in running the district.


4: Peace of Life

The life of an IPS officer is very tough as compared to an IAS officer. Most crimes take place in night and in remote places. An IPS officer as SP has to be on work almost entire night patrolling his district without getting any compensatory off in the day. They have to work also on all the weekends. It is difficult to have peace of mind, if you are dealing with criminals all the time. Your family life is also affected as you make so many enemies in your job.

5: Effective Work at Higher Level

The most important assignment of IPS officer is SP of a district or commissioner of police. In the earlier times, the SP used to report to the DIG who used to report to IG who was the head of state police. Now you have hundreds of IGs, ADGs and DG level posts in a state. I was told that there are around 58 ADG rank posts in MP alone. The numbers of districts and police stations have not gone up substantially. Hence, you would find the senior officers of IPS cadre feeling neglected as they don’t have much to do. An IAS officer heads a department in Centre and State government at senior level and hence doing important work throughout his career.

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6: Domination

The entire bureaucracy in Central and State Government is dominated by IAS officer. An IPS officer has to report to an IAS officer most of the time. IAS officers head all ministries and department while IPS officer head their own police department only. Even the DG reports​ to the Home Secretary who is an IAS officer.

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