Here you can find Frequently asked questions & their solutions about our services and dedicated series.Read fully and feel free to mail us at or use LIVE CHAT WITH TEAM feature at right bottom of portal.We will provide explanations & the same will be updated here for reference.


Q: How can i complete fee payment?

A: You can complete fee payment using your debit card/credit card/Net banking/Mobil wallets /UPI.

Q: How much time does it takes to activate my account?

A: Normally its instant & never takes beyond 2 hours in any circumstances.

Q: How to activate my account after registration?

A: Logon to your registered email. You will get LOGIN credentials & Link to create your password via registered email ID.You can use it to login to our test series portal & access all features in user dashboard.


Q.I wish to join prelims 2018 series .But tests started from JUNE 2017. How can I attempt those tests?

A:You wont miss any of our tests. Our series comes with unlimited flexibility & ample time gap between each tests. Additionally,All the tests will be provided in dashboard till prelims 2018 examination & can be taken as per your schedule.

Q: Can i revise the tests before examination?

A: Sure, PDF versions of all tests with questions ,Answers and their explanations will be provided .These are additional to online tests provided in dashboard with TIMER for real exam experience and time management.

Q: Im working & I cant take exams during office hours. How can i attempt tests on scheduled date itself?

A: Dont worry. Our tests are not limited to office hours. You can take tests any time 24 hours x 7 days as per your schedule. No matter whether its 12 AM or 12 PM.

Q: Can I upgrade package after few days by paying remaining fee?

A: YES, You can upgrade to PREMIUM by paying remaining amount in 15 days of first Login.Upgrading to LIFE TIME is always available till your validity expires.


Q: Where can i submit answers for review?

A: You will be provided with LOGIN credentials to our test series portal. In user dashboard you have option to upload answers & review will be updated in dashboard & a copy will be forwarded to registered email ID.

Q: How many answers can I submit in this package?

A: Daily 4 questions ie, 1 question each from GS1 to GS4. This is valid till MAINS 2018 and can get over 1300+ answers reviewed & familiarize with Question patterns & best trends in drafting answers.

Q: Im beginner. Is this writing skill development program is enough for mains 2018?

A: NO. Its enough for writing skill development as name suggests. But mains have predefined syllabus & static portions are equally important. So, MASTER PLUS or above will suits you best.

Q: Im appearing 2nd or 3rd time for mains. Is this writing skill development program enough for me?

A: Depends. If you were good in GS papers & confident about knowledge in syllabus, Then its enough. If you were not upto the mark in performance ,Better not to limit scope of writing.

Q: Is there any schedule for writing skill development?

A: NO. MASTER PLUS onwards are only scheduled. Writing skill development is based on current affairs & what comes in news paper will be the schedule. Dont worry we will provide reference & source for drafting answers daily.

Q: Will i get full syllabus coverage & all India tests?

A: NO, Daily questions from all the leading editorials is provided with their answer review. ALL india tests and static tests series are provided with packages from MASTER PLUS & above.

Can I upgrade package after few days by paying remaining fee?

A: YES, You can upgrade to MASTER PLUS & above by paying remaining fee in 10 days of first Login.Upgrading to LIFE TIME is always available till your validity expires.


Q : What is difference between Writing skill development program & MASTER PLUS?

A: MASTER PLUS is flagship program for MAINS 2018 with all the features & syllabus coverage. This includes preferential review,ALL INDIA test series,Scheduled Static tests,Value added notes & much more.

Q: Is there any difference in number questions & review during the package period?

A: Sure. Additional to daily writing, 25 tests are scheduled & provided in register page. So 25 x 20 questions means 500 questions & model answers extra to that of writing skill development.


A: These are special editions of STATIC & CURRENT AFFAIRS part of syllabus portions significant for exams each year. There will be crisp for quick revision.

Can I upgrade package after few days by paying remaining fee?

A: You can upgrade only to LIFE TIME & is possible till your package expires.


Q: What is Premium package?

A: This is dedicated flagship program for 2018 aspirants. This includes Prelims test series + Mains test series + interview series + Value added notes + Daily answer review.

Q: Is there any advantage in daily answer review?

A: YES, Answers uploaded in dashboard will be reviewed in 60 minutes.

Q: Will I get special schedule for premium package?

A: No. TESTS are same in all packages. Features of PRELIMS 2018 & MASTER PLUS 2018 will be provided. So schedule will be same.

Q: Will I get toll free number?

A: No toll free number & call back features are limited to LIFE TIME users.


Q: Institutes are charging over lakhs for single year. So how can i afford life time package?

A: No need to invest lakhs for LIFE TIME features. Its very much nominal compared to features offered. LIFE TIME COMES at a fee less than that of our 2 years premium.

Q: What does this LIFE TIME means?

A: Life time in USPC IAS Examination point of view is till you clear examination or become age over. In both these cases you dont need tests series & guidance any more.

Q: What are the features provided in life time?

A: LIFE TIME is Simply the PREMIUM features till you stops registering for UPSC.

Q: Is there any hidden limits for tests series?

A: NO, You can have unlimited prelims + Unlimited mains + unlimited interview guidance & tests series.

Q: Will i get any benefits in features other than monetary benefits?

A: YES, Our motto will be to make LIFE TIME Users able to crack at the earliest.There will be preferential support & guidance.


Q: What should I do to get toll free number & preferential support from technical/review team?

A: Just select option +Toll Free Number during registration. No other technical hazards.

Q: Do I need to pay fee for future hikes in amounts?

A:You will get what offered during sign up without additional fee payments. But updated features need to pay remaining amounts if necessary. Its purely optional not at all mandatory.

Still have some other doubts? Dont hesitate to ask, We are happy to help you. Use chat support from right bottom of the portal or mail us at