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General Studies-01 Daily current affairs

  • Central water commission data about water level in major reservoir

  • Central water commission released data about water level in major dams of the india that show the level of worry in water level in south india

  • This severe situation has clear message about planning water utilization and situation management

General Studies-02

  • Ayodhya case

  • It is masjid demolition case of the 1992 in ayodhya that also trigger widespread riot in the country


  • In justice delivery system delay in justice is equal to injustices because lots of trial has been made in this case but no major award being given

  • India china relation in new turn

  • After dalai lama proposed visit to the Tawang fueled new concern in the relation of the india and china

  • Actually case begun with dalai lama [ religious post not a name ] fled to india after one china policy and accession of Tibet into india

  • Since then dalai lama become refugee of the india that also trigger war between china and india

  • Tawang is the in arunachal Pradesh given to india under treaty of 1914 with india and Tibet imperial government

  • This move will be irrational because two country should engage In some big issue of the relation

General Studies -03 Daily current affairs

  • Law to regulate use of the air conditioner

  • Use of air conditioner becoming cycle because use of the green house gases led to temperature increase that fueled more use of the air conditioner

  • This air conditioner exhaust cloro floro carbon that break ozone layer in stratosphere

  • Chlorine and ozone act with each other and create hole in the ozone layer

  • Center government to come with new regulation in which maximum emphasis given to the planning of building to get natural cooling and air conditioner to be fitted at critical spaces

  • All the government offices to set their office temperature 28 C to avoid electricity consumption also

  • India is one of the largest consumers of HCFCs after China, and is expected to use even more of it because of the projected growth in the sale of air-conditioners. It has, however, agreed to stop the use of HCFCs by 2030.

  • Growth forecasting

  • After demonetization no one have idea about future of the indian economy so worlds prestigious institution lower down their advance estimate of the growth rate but recent data by the CSO state that affect of the demonetization will be mild and indian economy will growth above 7 % level

  • CSO now using one of the best system of estimate in the world with transparency and non partiality

  • To judge economic performance gross value added is more faithful number than gross domestic production

  • Last mile in marathon : GST issue

  • More than six months after the Constitution was amended to enable the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the Centre and States have managed to find considerable common ground on the long-debated indirect tax system, overcoming seemingly irreconcilable differences that cropped up along the way.

  • Now only state government and union territory have to passed its GST bills that should be cleared by the parliament after that industry need three month to transition of transaction

  • The cess would finance compensation payouts to States for the first five years. After that, it could be replaced with a higher GST rate to retain the same tax treatment on sin goods, without fresh parliamentary approval.

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