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G.S.-03 current affairs notes

  • Another encounter in Jammu and Kashmir

  • Encounter become rule rather than exception in Jammu and Kashmir because of the transnational impact on law and order situation

  • Encounter make public and security force relation more worsen and create negative mind set toward police system

  • Recent incident of the encounter of burhan wani make law and order situation every time low since independence

  • Police should create such mutual relation that make people feel safe in the presence of police because fear of police make law and order worsened

  • NIA probes in IS funding issue

  • National investigation agency probe into issue of the IS funding to india and youth joining IS

  • Specially south indian people vulnerable to join IS and funding coming form IS to them

NIA probes in IS funding issue

  • Why this kind of cases coming in india in which youth are attracted toward more and more radical activity

  • Recently in Gujarat two young found connected with IS that make grave question on law and order situation of the india

  • Unemployment or want of earning make youth joining this way to get lots of money in short span of time

  • Government should create opportunity for every youth and every youth mind should be filled with creative activity with humanity value

  • Team Indus project

  • Team will send moon exploration in this December it is private firm working in india

  • TeamIndus is itself taking part in the $20-million Google Lunar X Prize contest along with four other global teams. Its lander is scheduled to take off on the Indian PSLV rocket tentatively on December 28 and land on the moon on January 26 next year, carrying its own cameras and these experiments.

  • Sukma naxal activity

  • It would be tempting, but dangerous, to see the deadly ambush by Maoists in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma district on Saturday as just a desperate act of a fading insurgent group.

  • It must, instead, serve as a wake-up call for the security forces to beef up their standard operating procedures, especially intelligence-gathering capabilities, in the Maoist heartland in central India.

  • The insurgents used improvised explosive devices, country-made mortars and arrows mounted with explosive heads, and made of with some weapons and radio sets of the force.

  • The Maoists do not survive merely on ideology; they have a well-oiled machinery providing protection to various interest groups in the absence of a robust state responsive to the security and welfare needs of the civilian population. Ultimately, any fight against non-state actors will be effective only when the state puts forward its combined might to exhibit what it can — and indeed must — provide to the people.

  • Problem of bad loans or NPA

  • In the first decade of the this century indian economy see sky scrapping growth

  • Bank funded unit without rational thinking or credit rating that lead to vulnerability on return

  • After global sub prime crisis indian economy also affected most and that lead to rate of return decreasing

  • Bank can not get timely return and led to more and more NPA

  • Economy as a whole affected by this crisis that also called twin side balance sheet problem .


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